Become a Profit & Growth EXPERT!

Learn to market, sale and offer consultative accounting services as a certified Profit & Growth Expert (PGE). Receive Marketing and Practice Management training which includes marketing tools, strategies and tactics, seminar outlines, presentations, etc. Apply the nine principles to build a thriving accounting, bookkeeping and/or business that is growing and working more efficiently.  Offer consultative value based services to your clients to quickly transform a financially troubled business into a profitable venture within six weeks.

This program is designed to start with the big picture and then work towards helping market and sell your new services with confidence.  Basically you are first trained to know what the short, mid and long term needs of the business are to build a thriving business that has value.  This is based on the philosophy, “beginning with the end in mind”.  This is the “big picture” you need as the Profit & Growth Expert to help your clients clearly define their business.

Next you are taught the process to help your clients transition, build and have the business they deserve.  This is the engagement that you are paid to implement with the client. Once you know the principles of a profitable business and the process to get the client there it’s time to learn how to best sell and get the engagements. 

In summary the Profit & Growth Expert certification signifies you are proficient in the following:

  • “In the BLACK – nine principles to make your business profitable” course (5 hours) – Learn how accounting is the primary source of data and how to use this data to work your way up the Wisdom Pyramid using reports and statistical analysis of your business data.  Every business decision that a business owner makes should be based upon experience (wisdom gained from past analysis of information) or upon current information. Without specific metrics to gauge your success, you will have no data to determine what things that you try are working.  To move up the wisdom pyramid, you have to experiment with new approaches. The difference between a company that is performing well and the true successes stem in large degree to how willing its management is to try new approaches and measure their success. (based on the book “in the BLACK”)
  • “Red to BLACK” Course (3.25 hours) - A Small Business Accountant’s Guide to Quick Turnarounds, details the steps necessary in quickly transforming a financially troubled business into a profitable venture. (based on the book “Red to BLACK in 30 Days”)
  • Strategic Selling (3.5 hours) – Most Accountants Bookkeepers and Tax Preparers lack a proven sales process to work the leads they have, leaving your business to chance. Instead, they come up with their own “scattered” sales funnel, without knowing entirely what they’re doing:  Contacting this lead… Hoping they’ll understand the services offered… (everyone knows “they need an accountant” is what your thinking)… A couple of random attempts to “sell” them…The result? Random sales when you need a proven process! BUT – As soon as you understand how to TURN ON your sales funnel, and send your audience through your “front door”…You Have The Ability To Make As Much Money As You Want. This comprehensive 53 Session system is the KEY to selling the right clients, day in and day out, like clockwork.
  • Selling with Confidence (3.75 hours) – this is an extensive training (38 videos for 2 hours and 20 minutes) explaining best practices when meeting with a potential client to acquire them as a new client.  Learn the process to build rapport, present your services, be seen as the expert, explain your services (features and benefits) and so much more to get them to want to pay you for your services and expertise.  After all the marketing you are doing to find potential clients this is the perfect sales process to get that new engagement.  With this both your confidence and closing rates will dramatically improve allowing you to get more clients fast to build your business.
  • The Universal Practice Builder program (30 hours) – the proven strategies to effectively and inexpensively market your services to bring in the leads you need to grow your business.  It also then has the system you need to move them through sales funnel that leads them to want your services.  You are taught the easy was to present and sell your services with confidence.  We role-play for you various sales situations, how to overcome “objections” and ultimately close the sale.  With this program you’ll move from “order taker to master closer”.  As comfortable you are now doing accounting you soon will be with the marketing and sales process. (emphasis on Effective Marketing Strategies)
  • Benchmarking with BizBench (3 hours) – BizBench™ gives you the ability to: (1)Identify how your clients compare against similar businesses in their specific industry. (2) Show them what the numbers look like for the top 10% of similar businesses for their industry. (3) Guide them to the top 10% of their industry for similarly sized businesses.
  • Becoming a Financing Consultant class (12 minutes) – Perfect for an accountant that will be in a position to give financial advice related to business loans and lines of credit.  Clear-cut instructions and terrific resource materials that will make creating a loan application package easy. It even includes a sample loan package that you can use as a model.
  • Four Keys to Success class (23 minutes) – as you run your business you are wearing many hats.  Forget the excuses, the buck stops with you and this program helps you tap into those 4 keys you need to become the leader you meant to be, that you need to be.  Whether you are working with employees or customers these 4 keys insure you are focused and productive in all that you do.  With this training you’ll inspire those around you without losing your energy – success does not need to drain you in the process.  And, we’ll throw in a 5th key for good measure.
  • Time Management Tools class (30 minutes) – We each only have 24 hours in a day to accomplish the many things that demand our time. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you feel less anxious and more organized.
  • The S.T.A.R. program (60 minutes) – Follow this proven process to create a culture of accountability.  You’ve heard it before, the most important asset within any business is, in fact, the employee.  They are putting in the time and the effort to build the business.  The S.T.A.R. program is designed to help them each excel and actually deliver on what is asked of them, so that they can be successful.  Hear you will learn: how to set standards for performance, to trust your people to make good decision within their roles, to acknowledge their accomplishments and contributions as well as reward them for their excellent performance.

In the end, when you pass the final exam with a 90% or better you’ll be certified as a Profit & Growth Expert allowing you to place after your name the “PGE” designation to show that you advise your clients to turn their business from being in the “RED” to being “in the BLACK” following proven processes.  You will know what to do, how to sell & price it as well as market it to your ideal clients! This is the accounting model of the present and for the future.  With this you’ll have the premier accounting firm in your area working with the clients you love.  

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